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Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression in Rowland Heights

It doesn't take much to throw your body's intricate arrangement of components our of balance -- but even a relatively small change can have a huge impact on your quality of life. Spinal compression is a prime example. When a bulging disc or other abnormality alters your spinal configuration and puts pressure on sensitive nerves and joints, you can experience some very unpleasant issues indeed, from sciatica to cervical radiculopathy. Fortunately, you can get relief via our spinal decompression therapy in Rowland Heights.

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The spinal column's vertebrae are not simply stacked on top of one another; instead, they are cushioned by cartilage-encased gelatinous discs that absorb everyday shocks. These discs also serve as spacers, maintaining a more-or-less constant height between the delicate facet joints that connect one vertebra to the next. The spinal column also envelops the spinal cord, with major nerve roots branching out from intervertebral canals.

Nerve Compression: A Common Cause of Sciatica and Other Problems

This complex system allows for a remarkable degree of functionality, but it's also prone to problems. A severe impact from a sports mishaps or auto injury can easily push the vertebrae out of position, dislocating the facet joints and allowing discs to herniate, with the inflammatory inner material pushing into neighboring nerve tissue.

Less dramatic problems can also afflict your spinal column. A bulging disc that has lost some of its height (due to dehydration) may collapse the space between vertebrae, inflaming the fact joints and possibly causing nerve impingement. Impingement of the sciatic nerve in the lumbar spine can can cause sciatica (pain, tingling, weakness or numbness in the lower extremities), while cervical impingement can cause cervical radiculopathy (in which similar symptoms afflict the upper extremities). Back pain and neck pain are also common.

Our Rowland Heights and Diamond Bar Chiropractor Takes the Pressure Off 

Our Rowland Heights and Diamond Bar chiropractor, Dr. Nimesh Ladhawala, can use safe, conservative methods to relieve your spinal nerve compression. This simple technique may spare you from the extreme, invasive alternative of major surgery.

Our non-surgical spinal decompression in Rowland Heights makes use of a special motorized table. As you lie on the table, the table applies minimal degrees of flexion distraction force to the spine. This creates more space between the vertebrae while also generating a vacuum pressure inside the space. The vacuum sucks a bulging or herniated disc back fully into the spinal column, relieving nerve pressure; it also pulls water and other healthy fluids back into a bulging disc, plumping it up to relieve facet joint strain.

Is Spinal Decompression Right for You? Ask Our Chiropractor in Rowland Heights

Spinal decompression therapy is safe enough to be used periodically for chronic pain management. It can also be part of a personalized injury rehabilitation plan. If you think spinal decompression might be just what you need, call (909) 598-2304 for a consultation with our chiropractor in Rowland Heights!

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