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Well, when I first came into Dr. Ladhawala, I was feeling constant severe pain in my right shoulder and mild pain in my neck.  After two visits, I had learned that I had a strained right shoulder and also was suffering from degeneration in my neck.  The degeneration in my neck was causing added pressure onto my shoulder, hence the muscle strain.  Dr. Ladhawala ensured that with his help and treatment, I would start feeling better and that in time, the problem could be corrected.  We started out with 4 visits the 1st week, 3 visits, the next two weeks, 2 visits the next three visits and now just one visit a week.  I started feeling better during the first week after receiving treatment.  As each week went by, my neck and shoulder kept feeling better and better to the point where it felt like it did before any of the pain started.  When I was experiencing the pain in my shoulder prior to the treatment, it was effecting my everyday life activities.  So, when I would play hockey or play my guitar.  I would constantly be reminded how much my shoulder hurt me.  Now though, I don't ever think one about my shoulder and go about my daily activites without a hitch.  Not only did going to Dr. L help me with my pain in my shoulder and neck but it has also taught me a little about health and wellness through having a healthy spinal cord.  

  • I was dependent on headache and allergies medicines for at least 12 years and not a single day didn't go by without me taking an allergy pill of some sort. I honestly feel a whole lot, I mean a million times better, ever since I met Dr. Ladhawala a month ago. I haven't taken, not one pill for my allergies and headaches. I just wanted tell you thanks...I understand sometimes people have doubts, but you can't put a price tag on your health, my honest opinion is that I feel so much better, I thou

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  • When I first came in I was suffering from neck and headache pain. Dr. L treated me with deep tissue massage, ultrasound, and traction. After two months the pain went away. I am very thankful to Dr. L for his services.

  • I came into Dr. L after a suggestion from a good friend. I was complaining of pain in the right side of my neck. After the first session I've felt a tremendous difference. I am able to continue with my daily routine without any strain from my neck. Dr. L and his staff have been kind and professional I would come more often, but I'm sure the staff would get weary of me!

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  • I am very active 83 year old lady suffering from chronic arthritis throughout my body. In October 2005, I was barely able to walk and in great pain in the right hip/right leg. I walked into Dr. L's office and the receptionist asked, "May I help you.?" I replied I am in great need of a good doctor that could help me today. Dr. L's diagnosis stated he could help me with approximately two weeks of treatments. "TODAY I WAS ABLE TO WALK OUT PAIN FREE." I thank you doctor for your kindness and f

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  • When I first started coming to Dr. Ladhawala, my elbow and shoulder was a mess. I was in constant pain 24 hours a day. I wouldn't sleep, working was very hard and I was just miserable, but ever since my treatments with Dr. Ladhawala it seems like a miracle had happened to me. My arm, elbow, and shoulder is 100% better. I will refer all my friends and co-workers to Dr. Ladhawala

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  • My name is Eduardo Garcia and I am very happy to have gotten help. The doctor is very good and he is very professional. What a great chiropractor. Thank You

    - --Eduardo Garcia
  • When I first came in my back would be hurting so bad in the morning that it was difficult for me to get up and especially to put my shoes on. After a couple of visits with Dr. Nimesh Ladhawala, my lower back felt a lot better in the mornings. I could get up quickly and easily. Thank you Dr. L

  • Joey has been seeing Dr. Ladhawala for about a year now. Joey has been treated for his asthma, allergies, and tension. Since being treated he no longer needs to use medication or a breathing machine for his asthma. Joey is now able to enjoy being a kid he feels really good and has a lot of energy. He is also eating well again and his allergies are now under control. Thank you Dr. L for all your support.

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  • After working for the last 38 years, driving to Los Angeles working 11-12 hours a day, this has taken its toll not only myself, but my family. Now I am preparing to retire and am looking forward to spending more time with my family and community I live in. The doctor is preparing me to move on to a new way of living. Everyday my body is getting stronger, rehealing. I am working on getting back a healthy body in order to enjoy my life. Thanks doc. 3-28-07

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  • It was uncomfortable nights. Nights that seemed to last eternity! It was all due to a vertebrae dislocated making the disc be pushing towards the nerves. This in turn, caused horrible pain at the lower back according to Dr, Ladhawala. Eventually, after some analysis through an X-ray and good advice, I decided to go ahead with the therapy. Miraculously, after the first week of therapy things changed. The nights seemed so short. The days went by so fast and my performance became so effectiv

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  • When I came in here, I did not realize how difficult it was for me to walk, stoop, bend, and just overall stiffness. After the first visit, I did realize I was able to move with ease. I had extreme pain in my left back side and down my leg. The pain has been relieved, not completely, but a lot better than I had hoped. I had tingling in both feet and the calf. It is much less now. Most of all, I feel so good overall my movement is so easy. I cannot express in words how I really feel. Its

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  • Since I started my medical treatment with Dr. Ladhawala, I had been feeling much better. I can walk longer time without grasping for air. I'm enjoying life more. Thank you Dr. Ladhawala for making my life a lot better.

  • Okay, first of all I came in with all sorts of neck, shoulder, and back problems due to a bunch of previous problems over the past few years. Basically, my neck especially was a wreck! Thanks to Dr. Ladhawala and his staff my neck pain/shoulder pain has gone from a constant 10 to an intermittent 6 1/2. There is still some pain and tingling in my right arm, but things look like they are getting better. Thanks Dr. L

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  • I had stress from work and that was affecting my neck and shoulders. I came for relief from Dr. Ladhawala and he made me feel at ease (I personally get nervous when I go to doctors) and helped my problem areas within a few sessions.

  • Dr. L has been a great doctor. My neck pain has been reduced significantly. A great job to him and his staff.

  • When I wake up in the morning, I no longer expect to have a headache. Even those lurking in the shadows rarely materialize. My neck and back are feeling stronger with each week. AND THE STAFF IS GREAT!!!

  • After working for the last 38 years, driving to Los Angeles working 11-12 hours a day including the commute to Los Angeles has taken a toll not only on myself, but on my family. Now I am preparing to retire and lookng forward to spending more time with my family and community I live in. The doctor is preparing me to move onto a new way of living. Everyday, my body is getting stronger and rehealing. Thanks doc.

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  • There wouldn't really be enough words to describe what a tremendous job Doctor L does with his patients. Since day one of my visit, I noticied a change! Not only does he care for his patients in a professional way, but in a personal matter. My back pain has almost changed to no pain. Although, I will finish my treatment very soon. I will definitely come back.

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  • My name is Garvin Boonsong. I am 28 years old male that works in the advertising industry. For about 10 years I suffered from back pain and I couldn't stretch all the way down. I guess I went to graduate school and worked to bring this on. Dr. L has been helpful, he explained what was wrong with my condition. Dr. L is a great doctor and he wanted me to get better. Before coming to Dr. L, I had questions about chiropractic, but I found he is a great chiropractor. I would recommend Dr. L fo

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