6 steps towards choosing the best chiropractor

6 Steps Towards Choosing the Best Chiropractor in LA

Choosing the right chiropractor can certainly be a daunting task. Your back is ailing, there are tons of options to choose from, and you are hesitant to let just anyone adjust your spine. Selecting the wrong chiropractor can even end up doing more harm than good. The spectrum of chiropractors is extremely broad, but when you do find the right chiropractor, he or she can improve your health and overall well being drastically. There are a variety of techniques, credentials, and factors to consider prior to making your choice.  Proper chiropractic care is an art form, and we strongly believe that the right chiropractor can make a lasting impact in your life. Below, you will find the 6 steps needed to choose the best chiropractor in LA.

1.         Review their Credentials

When seeking out chiropractic care in Los Angeles, you want to find someone that you are comfortable with and can communicate openly about the specifics of your ailment. You want someone that you can trust, someone that has gone through the appropriate schooling and registration requirements to earn their official designation. Every chiropractor has the initials DC in their title, which means Doctor of Chiropractic. This means that they have gone through all of appropriate educational and licensing requirements to become registered chiropractor. If you find someone advertising themselves as a Chiropractor, but don’t see the DC designation in their title, this could be a red flag. Most chiropractors in LA will have their licensing and education listed on their websites. You can also ask them directly to find out if they have any specialized education or expertise.

2.         Schedule an Interview with the Chiropractor

Keeping your spine and back healthy is absolutely crucial to living a healthy and active lifestyle. They are extremely delicate and complex parts of your body. You want a chiropractor that is easy to communicate with so that they can isolate specifically what is wrong with your back and accomplish your goals for your visit. There is a vast amount of techniques and philosophies you will find when exploring different chiropractic options. No two chiropractors are the same. Therefore, we strongly suggest scheduling an interview with the chiropractor in LA you are considering to ensure he or she is compatible with your expectations and goals. You can request a phone interview or a consultation in their office to learn more about their techniques and process. 

3.         Conduct Background Research on the Chiropractor

Imagine going to a new chiropractor, allowing them to make adjustments to your delicate spine, and paying them top dollar, only to realize later that they had pending legal or disciplinary actions against their practice? This nightmare situation can easily be avoided by conducting a bit of background research prior to selecting your chiropractor in LA. To determine if there are pending legal or disciplinary actions against a chiropractor, you can visit the state of California’s website and search for “Chiropractic Regulation & Licensing Board”. Another tip, check out the chiropractor’s listed college to see if it is accredited by the The Council on Chiropractic Education board. Additionally, you can ask for professional references, such as physical therapists, medical doctors, and other medical professionals that the chiropractor might have worked with in the past. All of these steps will give you the information and peace of mind needed to help with your decision.

4.         Ask the Chiropractor about their Experience

Chiropractic issues can at times be complex and varying. One person might have an issue that is completely different than someone else. This is why we suggest asking the Chiropractor about their experience with your particular injury, condition, or procedure to see if they are best suited to help you. If you aren’t exactly sure what your condition is called, simply provide the chiropractor with specific details of your ailment and what you are feeling. If they are experienced, they should be able to tell you exactly what the problem is and what they can do to alleviate it. Additionally, it’s a great idea to ask them about what a visit to their office will consist of so that you are fully prepared when the time comes for you to receive treatment.

5.         Ask for Referrals from Friends

Chances are, one of your friends or family members has visited a chiropractor in LA and can give you some direct insight about their experiences. Asking for referrals from your friends or family is certainly a great way to help you out with your search. Another option is asking for a direct referral from your primary care doctor. Word of mouth can mean a lot in the chiropractic industry. A lot of times you can even locate reviews for specific chiropractors online.

6.     Does Your Insurance Cover The Bill

So you’ve done your research and decided on a chiropractor in LA. Everything is looking good, your visit was extremely helpful and your back is feeling like new again. Then comes the bill – you suddenly realize that this Chiropractor does not fall under your health insurance plan. This can be an extremely costly mistake. Obviously you want to utilize the maximum benefits of your plan and pay as little out of pocket as possible. Definitely check with the chiropractor to see how your insurance plan fits in before paying them a visit.

Selecting the right Chiropractor in Los Angeles should be a task that is taken seriously. The spine is probably the most important part of your skeletal system, so you want to make sure you are in good hands with any chiropractic care. We strongly recommend doing some due diligence prior to receiving any help from a chiropractor.

Remember the importance of reviewing a chiropractor’s credentials prior to committing to a visit. Scheduling an interview with a prospective chiropractor can be a great way to see if he or she communicates openly and can actually help your specific condition. Conducting a bit of background research is a very easy way to determine if there are any red flags with a chiropractor. Asking your potential chiropractor about their experience directly is another smart way to see if they are familiar with your specific ailment. Don’t forget to ask friend, family, and primary care doctors for referrals when you are starting your search. Lastly, ensure that you are aware of how your insurance plan fits into your prospective chiropractic visit to avoid surprise bills and high out of pocket costs.

Do you have additional tips or suggestions for finding the perfect Chiropractor in LA? Please leave a comment below if you found this guide helpful or would like to provide additional knowledge for our readers.

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