Posture Analysis

Postural Analysis

We look at the posture and customize our client’s needs.  We recognize the importance of getting our cars serviced regularly so they run at their optimal level. Not surprisingly, the same is true of the human body. In fact, there is a very useful car-related analogy we can use when it comes to describing postural analysis: front-end alignment and wheel balance.

When a vehicle's alignment is off, it manifests as uneven tread wear and loss of tire life. Likewise, when a car's tires are not balanced properly, ride quality is diminished, tire life is shortened, and bearings and shock-absorber performance suffer. When one's posture is off, the human body also experiences a range of problems: restricted range of motion, pain, organ dysfunction, and joint, tendon, ligament and muscle stress, to name a few.

The body, like tires, has an ideal position. It also must be balanced to run smoothly and last a long time. For a mechanic to assess and adjust the front end of a vehicle, they must first check wheel positioning for deviations from the norm. To do this, they set the wheels in a standard position and conduct an evaluation.

In the same way, our clients in Rowland Heights, Diamond Bar, or Walnut often make subjective complaints to us about headaches and neck and back pain. Just like a mechanic, we need to use the proper equipment to access and design a customized therapy session to meet each individual client's needs, focusing on both short- and long-term goals.

Using digital analysis, we take data and make any necessary notes for your objective findings

There are many advantages of taking postural images including:

  • Documenting posture before and after a series of treatments
  • Educating clients about their postural distortions and demonstrating causes of pain, muscle weakness, etc.
  • Presenting clients with clear treatment solutions
  • Customizing treatment plans

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